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Stop us if any of this sounds familiar...

  •    You have no idea where to begin when it comes to dealing with your pain?
  •    You hate the thought of exercise because movement = pain?
  •    You feel like they are telling you that your pain is 'all in your head'?
  •    You feel as though you have no control over the amount of pain you experience?
  •    You feel Isolated because either, a) no one understands how pain affects your life, b) the pain is holding you back from the things or the people you love or 'all of the above'!
  •    You feel you are not getting the results from your pain medication that you had hoped for?

If it does then you already know how difficult it can be to get quality advice & support

This is what inspired us to build this 'house'

I've heard too many stories like yours, of being left to your own devices, struggling  to manage your pain all thanks to:

  • fragmented chronic pain care  
  • a system that neglects to treat the whole of you...you are so much more than just the parts
  • a system that does not seek to understand your lived experience or your values
  • a lack of pain education to allow you to make informed decisions based on what best suits your unique needs

Introducing The Change Pain Academy

Chronic Pain can be complicated!

At Pain 2 Possibilities & The Change Pain Academy we have created a transformational membership exclusively for chronic pain warriors to help you bridge the gap between physician care and patient self care.

How do we do this?

We Begin With Pain Education

Because understanding pain changes pain.

Pain is highly responsive to each person's psychology, past experiences and behaviours. Intuitively our brains are motivated to escape pain but we are not born with the know how to navigate it. We begin with pain education so that you get a deeper understanding of where pain comes from and how it works thereby making you the expert on your pain, making informed decisions about your care.

Because understanding pain changes pain. Watch our video here to learn more about why we start with pain education.

Then Weave In Pain Coaching

10 + plus years of research is showing us that there are as many things that amplify pain as there are that reduce pain.

Wellness Coaching is a strength-based approach to pain management that helps move you from a place of being ‘stuck’ in fear, ambivalence or confusion to taking great steps to a stronger, healthier, more pain informed you. Coaching helps you implement new pain management skills learned inside the Academy to help move you from a place of “I want to be doing” or “I should be doing” to “I am doing!".  What exactly does a Pain Coach Do? Watch this video here.

In Our Ever Present Cwtch Community

A community for warriors by warriors

There is nothing more powerful than being in a space where you feel understood, embraced and with a sense of belonging...especially when dealing with chronic pain. We are a powerful online community of people working through many of the same things as you. Research is showing that safe spaces in which to create meaningful connections are an integral part of recovery...we are truly better together! 

In the Welsh language 'Cwtch' means a cuddle or an embrace with a sense of offering warmth and safety. And when it comes to the science of the brain and chronic pain,  safety is of paramount importance.

And Our Extensive Chronic Pain Library

Everything you want to know about life with chronic pain but don't have the space or time to ask in your Doctors appointment.

There is so much to know about life with chronic pain. You likely have long list of questions that you are curious about and are desperate to ask your Doctor. Unfortunately our Physicians don't have the luxury of time to be able to answer those questions for you. In our curated library you will find information on sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, communication, intimacy, meaningful movement, and the list goes on. Our library continues to grow monthly based on the needs of our community.

We Do All This Inside Our:

Transformative  Membership Community

Our Membership helps those who suffer with chronic pain learn to manage pain beyond the procedures and medications. We provide coaching, support and mentorship as well as teaching advanced self care management techniques so you can regain control and improve your quality of life...all inside an awesome community.

Extra Resources Curated For life With Pain

The Chronic Pain Experience Podcast

Conversations about chronic pain management, the chronic pain experience and interviews with experts to inspire, motivate and change your relationship to pain. Subscribe to the podcast here or click below for direct links.  

Pain 2 Possibilities YouTube Channel

Think of us as your persistent pain concierge service or your go-to resource that obsesses over connecting the dots between your diagnosis and your care beyond or in conjunction with the medication. We know there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to pain management BUT there are valuable tools to learn along the way to help reduce the anxiety and the overwhelm on the way to becoming your own self-advocate.

Healing Sleep For Pain 101

Sleep is one of the first things that needs to be addressed when on a journey of recovery.

In this mini course we teach you the fundamentals to a good night sleep to get you started on a better nights sleep. Because if we're not sleeping, we're not healing.

Take Our Quiz

Ready to change your relationship to pain? Take the quiz, test your readiness to to change and learn valuable next steps.

Caring For A Loved One Who Lives With Pain?  This Ones For You

Learn the latest research on pain and pain management and how to best support your loved one living with pain.

What our people are saying

Jennifer S.

-Wellness Expert-

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 43, & having gone through 18 months of treatments, my life was turned upside down. Recovering from 4 surgeries, along with being diagnosed with osteoporosis, left me feeling anxious, exhausted, weak with painful muscles & joints. Deana helped explain the various aspects of chronic pain & the connection to my mental, physical & emotional health. She coached me on setting realistic goals, resetting my mindset & using mindfulness activities to help distract from my discomfort and helping me feel like I was gaining back some control of my health and well-being.

Margaret A.


I was a stay at home mom for ten years and as a result had developed some back and hip issues. Because of my time off work , I found I had developed some self limiting beliefs and behaviours. Basically I had lost my self confidence. Deana gave me the guidance to create a plan and to take action. She gently pushed me to see that I am capable and to believe in myself again. Deana has a very supportive, comforting coaching style, which totally puts you at ease. Her ability to draw out what is truly most important to you is her unique gift. ” 

John C.


I have been struggling with my back since 2012.  I have been on a frustrating roller coaster ride since then with specialists, pain meds and different exercise plans.  I just could not get a steady plan going.  I was referred to Deana and she took her time to understand what my problem was.  I started to attend her online classes and her mix of core, hips and pelvis exercises has been really good for me.  I am trying to get back on the golf course and she has helped me with that too.  I've now got a plan that is helping me to feel more in control of my pain!' 

Jen D.


 It takes a lot of courage to share your heart with us, your chronic pain community.  And it's that openness, authenticity and humility that I love so much about you!  You are truly committed to the care and wellness goals of your clients, but also open about your own goals, struggles, ambitions, short-comings and  the everyday things that comprise life as a Mom, wife, and professional .  Thank you for keeping it real!     

"It may be that when we no longer know what to do 

we have come to our real work,

and that when we no longer know which way to go

we have come to our real journey.

— Wendell Berry