7 Day Calm - Pain 2 Possibilities

Dear chronic pain warriors,

looking to create more calm into your day,

soothe the pain,

take back some control and

observe your pain differently?


you've heard somewhere along the line that

mindfulness and/or meditation is helpful in soothing the brain and pain?

But maybe you have no idea how to,

or you feel it is impossible because the pain is just too much or your mind is too busy?

Chronic pain is a physical, psychological and social issue, 

and the current biomedical approach falls short in addressing the intricate psychological components.

Simply put, we cannot separate the mind and the body when manageing chronic pain. 

Years of research is showing us that pain and it's overprotective properties

keeps the brain in a state of fear, sensing danger where there is safety.

Treating only the biological (as we tend to do) and neglecting the psychological (as we often do) is like...

  • a peanut butter and jam sandwich without the peanut butter
  • a race car with no engine
  • A hockey player with no stick...

Why a challenge? Watch this...

  • Daily email to instruct you on the 'task of the day'
  • Recordings, workbooks and guidance on how to practice your new skill, step by step
  • Live Q & A sessions via Zoom
  • Great bonus content to help enhance your learning and practice
  • A community of people who struggle with the same hurdles as you do

Set aside 20 minutes each day to listen and practice artfully crafted 'Calm' sessions based on the science of pain.

Simply observe how your experience is unfolding as we grow your awareness and develop your practice. Each session is unique and purposeful in it's design.

Engage with others inside the challenge as you navigate your way through the content and daily practices.

Join us in the Q & A live session to answer any questions you might have about your new skill.

If you are ready to explore how the brain

can be your ally in the pain game...

 Let's move you from 

confusion to clarity,

chaos to curiosity,

with a renewed sense of calm,

all in just 20 minutes a day.

So you can begin to 

observe your pain differently,

send messages of calm & safety to your brain and 

gain back some control over your pain experience.

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Wise Words From One Of Our Community Members

For many years mindfulness was suggested many times. It just felt like my pain was being dismissed and what does this word mean anyway. It felt like what I call voodoo medicine, right up there with other so called miracles. I did not have any interest in even giving it a chance since I felt like they were telling me my pain was in my head.

I slugged through the first few guided meditations and learned that deep breathing is not instinctive and needs to be learned. I found several that felt right and guess what - I noticed I fell asleep very quickly and stayed asleep and I could find a calm space amid a lot of personal stress. I have not had much luck yet with it helping my pain except for the one on Deana's page but there is a huge difference in my sleep and anxiety. I am now addicted. I never go to bed without doing a meditation. I have learned it is not voodoo and it does not mean my pain is in my head. It is a calming force without the pharmaceuticals. It is something I can control. I do think it is a really dumb name - mindfulness and for me it does not describe it at all. My minutes of calm, my brake pedal, my own space that I have full control of, my relaxing, brief vacation in my mind. If you are like me - very resistant, adamantly stubborn and insulted or just do not see the logic of how it could help you, make a 2 week commitment. It is important to find the voices that soothe you and the imagery that is meaningful for you. 


Chronic Pain Warrior

Hi, I'm Deana 

I am the head pain coach, chief curator and Podcaster at Pain 2 Possibilities. After seeing family members, loved ones and clients struggle with the overwhelm of chronic health issues and pain  I got to work creating a transformative online community solely for chronic pain warriors and their families. I always wanted to be a teacher, so with 30 years in the health and wellness business & 6 as a pain coach, I bring it all together inside our community. Teaching our community how to self manage their pain is what lights me up.