About - Pain 2 Possibilities


Since you are here right now,

something tells me you are ready to change your relationship to pain,

to shift your behaviours and really have an impact on your health.

But Maybe You:

  • have no clue how to get started and are overwhelmed at the prospect of addressing your pain
  • feel pain and fear is holding you back from moving forward again
  • are feeling truly stuck in your pain and need a gentle, loving, strategic 'kick' in the pants
  • are feeling isolated while living in your pain and could really use a community that 'gets' it
  • feel like the meds are not doing enough to control your pain

Here's what I know to be true...

  • Movement is medicine
  • Good food is a game changer
  • You found us because you are ready to make a shift
  • You have more strengths than you realize
  • Small is mighty! Little steps, big wins
  • Community is a powerful tool in your pain management toolbox
  • There is power in process and we just happen to have 5 stages to get you there

My Story

I like to think of myself as a bit of a rebel...I think positively. So when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade...even when tragedy strikes. After the sudden passing of my mother at a young age due to stress combined with many underlying health issues, some of which went completely undetected, I knew that I needed to learn more, be more. After watching my father's health rapidly decline and his eventual passing only deepened my resolve to help others on their wellness journey. I experienced what Mathew Sanford, a paraplegic yogi, describes as "Post traumatic growth". It was a chance to look deeper and find the opportunities that were hidden within. After studying physical health and education, Pilates and then becoming a certified Wellness Coach, in 2007 Extension Pilates & Wellness Coaching was born. In 2018 we expanded and introduced the online transformative community called Pain 2 Possibilities. Combining a love of teaching functional movement, foundational nutrition and the nuances of the human psyche in dealing with pain, P2P came to be.

The Leaky Roof

I have heard the analogy of the leaky roof used before in the discussion of Alzheimers and I loved it so much it has become an important part of Pain 2 Possibilities (because I do love a good analogy).

A leaky roof symbolizes chronic pain and the management of it so very well. We know there are many holes to fix...but which one do you start with? How many holes do I need to fill? Which holes have more impact on my overall wellbeing?

Because we know that pain is multidimensional, Pain 2 Possibilities takes a multidisciplinary approach to pain management beyond or in conjunction with the medication. We like to take a full 360 degree approach to managing persistent pain. It's all the stuff your doctor doesn't necessarily have time to talk to you about.

We approach pain first through the lens of the Biopsychosocial model which states that persistent pain is

Biological, psychological and social + environmental in it's make up.

And we address these four components with 5 strong, stable pillars...

Mindset I Movement I Nutrition I Coaching I Community

It is at the heart of everything we do.

But don't just believe us, what matters most is...

What Our People Are Saying

Michelle Y.

Volunteer and Mentor

For years I have persevered through the ups and downs associated with pain. I have found my champions that help me through the healing and continue to seek out care that serves my needs the best. I carry on confidently navigating my way through the storms with many of the tools I have learned along the way. I now share this knowledge with others in this community which helps me to flourish too. For me it's a 'win-win'!

Ryan A.

Golfer Extraordinaire

I have been struggling with my back since 2012.  I have been on a frustrating roller coaster with specialists, pain meds and different exercise plans.  I just could not get a steady plan going.  I was referred to Deana and she took her time to understand what my problem was.  I started to attend her online classes and her mix of core, hips and pelvis exercises has been really good for me. I've now got a plan in place and I'm really happy to be back on the golf course with Deana's help.

Scott W.

Athlete and CEO

As a former high level hockey player, I have had my share of injuries, often being able to work through them on my own. With my latest injury I was really stuck as to what to do and really struggling to get better not only physically but emotionally as well. There is so much information out there, it can be really overwhelming! This community has really helped me to take it step by step and create a clear path forward so I can get back to hockey.

John C.


Working with Deana I feel like I have gained not only a deeper understanding of my pain, where it comes from but most importantly how to best control it. I have also learned how to move safely through the pain and as a result am more confident with movement. Deana is passionate and knowledgeable about the complexities of chronic pain.

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