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Any Of These Ring True For You?

  •   "I'm tired of feeling anxious and stressed because of my condition."
  •   "I feel unsafe in my own body or I can't even identify what safety feels like."
  •   "Nothing I do seems to work, the pain feels like it's getting worse."
  •  "The pain saps me of all my motivation, I don't feel like doing anything."
  •   "I am fearful and constantly on edge, waiting for the next flare up."
  •   "I'm finding it really hard to connect with others."
  • "I am stuck in my pain and have no idea what to do, all I know is I cannot continue to live this way."

You Are Not Alone

Approximately 30 - 40 % of our worlds population is living with ongoing pain. That is 2.3 - 3.0 billion (yes, that is with a 'b') people worldwide. That's almost 100 million people in the United States alone.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 'chronic pain is one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care, and is the reason for poor perceived health or reduced quality of life.'

But if you are living in chronic pain, you know this all too well.

Here's what 30 + years of research is showing:

Chronic Pain Leads to a dysregulated nervous system

Once pain transitions out of the acute phase and into chronic, the likelihood of our nervous system becoming locked in the fight, flight or freeze state is high. Live in this state long enough, and our capacity to handle everything (stress, relationships, pain, anxiety, our emotions...just to name a few) becomes increasingly difficult. It also means our nervous system becomes stuck, sensing things that once felt safe as danger thereby directing more energy to the fight, flight or freeze state. It's a downward spiral that leads us into fear, avoidance and feeling completely unmotivated to do change things up...which also means, more pain! When you're nervous system is chronically dysregulated, treatments feel ineffective and fruitless.

Safety first

We know that chronic pain leads to a sensitized, dysregulated nervous system...which translates into the brain sensing danger at every turn (going out with friends - danger! going out for a walk - danger! being intimate with my partner - danger! anxious about my Doctor's appointment - danger!).

If we know that chronic pain causes the brain to be hypersensitive to signals of danger then we need to address our capacity for safety first. This is simply not being done in our current model of care.

In the Chaos To Calm primer course we begin with the nervous system (because this is where we can have the most impact) and gently guide it to a more regulated state so you can get on with other treatments that help to improve your lived experience with pain.

chronic pain is on the rise

With all of our biomedical technologies available to us, why is pain getting worse? Simply put, we have not done a good job of treating what drives pain beyond the biological (surgeries, scans, damage to tissues). This is why at Pain 2 Possibilities and The Change Pain Academy we are bridging the gap between our chronic pain warriors and their physicians by expanding care for improved outcomes...and it all starts with the biggest culprit of continued pain...our nervous system.


Other than the pain, What Does it Feel like?

A Dysregulated Nervous System

Fatigue, anxiety, depression, brain fog, increased pain, disengaged, fearful, unmotivated, inflexible in how we respond to stress, avoiding, giving up, stuck.

A Regulated Nervous System

Creative, safe, connected, engaged, motivated, more responsive to treatment protocols, flexible in our response to stressful situations, actively coping.

If you are living 'in the trenches' with chronic pain and you have:

  •   only ever been prescribed pain medication with no other direction.
  •   only been offered surgery as a sole strategy.
  •   lost the ability to focus on anything BUT the pain.
  •   been avoiding the things or the people you love because of the pain
  •   been expending too much energy finding ways to avoid pain

If these things are no longer working for you,

it's time to do things




Chaos To Calm Primer

Our immersive 21 day primer experience builds your capacity to regulate your nervous system through awareness, connection, and practice so you can once again feel safe in your body, more connected and calmer with less pain. It is the best place to begin on your path to improving life with pain.

Optional 3X's Weekly Live Facilitated Sessions

Over the course of 21 days we will meet daily Mondays and Thursdays for immersive and transformative, 40 minute live group facilitated sessions. Our formula is simple: Learn + Do + Co-regulation = Increased capacity for safety and connection (because safety is everything when it comes to the amount of pain you feel) so you can begin the process of changing your lived experience with pain, one day at a time.


We are hard wired to connect with others and it is a powerful part of the healing process. Learning to regulate our nervous system couples awareness with connection.   1) Awareness of what the different states are, what they feel like and how to move through them with flexibility and confidence. And, 2) Connection with others and connection to self... all in an effort to build safety in your nervous system...It's how we navigate our way around this world!


Inside the 'Cwtch' Community is where we congregate outside of the daily sessions, where we lean into each other and where we celebrate our abilities and successes. It is a safe space to continue the conversation with others going through the same transformational process as you! For warriors by warriors! 


Expand and grow awareness of your nervous system's patterns, anchors and states through observation and journaling with our specially curated workbook. We couple curiosity with practice for best outcomes.

So you can...


Calm the pain & cope more effectively

Even in the face of a flare up!


Cultivate a sense of safety & connection

Even if you never knew what that actually felt like to begin with


Better treatment outcomes

From your physician, physiotherapist, surgeon or coach


Get Unstuck

So you can finally start moving forward again


Improve Sleep

Need I say more?


Be Ready For Next Steps

Ready and capable of expanding into what comes next!

Why an Immersive journey?

The Chaos To Calm Primer experience is the best way I know how to:

a) teach you how to safely and effectively build your capacity to move through the different states of your autonomic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze/safety & connection) so that you can better manage stress and pain.

b) to actually feel the impact of the work you are doing right away through awareness, practice and connecting with others.

c) keep you engaged and working towards an end date, which psychologically speaking, is a motivator in itself.

Everything inside the foundational growth journey has been designed with utmost care to be nurturing and actionable, fostering a sense of safety and connection throughout the 21 day experience. And the best part (other than the outcomes) is that it is all rooted in the latest research in neuroscience, biology, the science of change and pain so you know you are getting a truly transformational experience.

What happens inside the Foundational journey?

Every day for 21 days you will learn and practice bite sized skills in a live group setting that gently nudges you towards a more regulated nervous system. Each session begins with our 5 agreements in which fosters a sense of safety and empowerment, then moves into learning and practice, and wraps up with a group share of any a-ha moments or observations you've made along the way.

All this to ensure you are moving skill by skill towards an increased capacity to navigate your way through the different states of the autonomic nervous system so you can better handle what life with pain throws your way.

Inside our 'Cwtch' community you can keep the conversation going, ask questions and share profound moments inside a safe space.

What The Pathways Primer Experience

 is and what it isn't

It IS...

  • The best place to lay the foundation for change through consistent practice and observation
  • A safe, supportive learning and 'doing' community.
  • A positive, supportive, nurturing space where personal growth and a-ha moments are the order of the day
  • A curated step by step learning model meant to regulate your nervous system based on proven strategies backed by the latest pain research.
  • A committed online space. A space where you pledge to show up and put in the work. Without the practice, this system won't work.
  • A place of hope.

It's NOT...

  • This is not a 'one and done' solution, where the magic pill cures all. 
  • This is often not a linear path, there will be bumps and setbacks along the way.
  • This is not a quick fix, but rather a journey of growth, awareness and practice.
  • It is not a guaranteed fix but it is a path to improvement where improvement looks different for everyone.

Our next Chaos To calm Primer runs april 22nd - may 12th, 2024

What Others Say


"For years I have persevered through the ups and downs associated with pain. I have found my champions that help me through the healing and continue to seek out care that serves my needs the best. I carry on confidently navigating my way through the storms with many of the tools I have learned along the way. I now share this knowledge with others in this community which helps me to flourish too. It's such a 'win-win' situation!

Michelle Y



Working with Deana I feel like I have gained not only a deeper understanding of my pain, where it comes from but most importantly how to best control it. I have also learned how to move safely through the pain and as a result am more confident with movement. Deana is passionate and knowledgeable about the complexities of chronic pain.

John C



THANK YOU Deana. I enjoyed the group today. It is fantastic to connect with others who are truly invested in learning, growing and supporting each other along the way. And you are a ray of sunshine and hope! So grateful to have met you and so much more hopeful I will get my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Barb T

Community Mentor

Deana Tsiapalis

I've been in Health and wellness for over 30 years and have served those living in chronic and acute pain for over 12 years as a certified Wellness coach specializing in pain, curator, podcaster and Remedial Pilates instructor. 

I created The Change Pain Academy as a part of Pain 2 Possibilities so that we could have a profound impact on the lives of those living in chronic pain. It is my mission to change the care of chronic pain from within the chronic pain community, by the chronic pain community.

Beta Launch Extra Special Offer

We did the Alpha launch of this course last year, now we're ready to launch the beta version. That means a significant savings for you!

As a participant in our next course launch, you'll be a part of something bigger!

I am looking for 20 people join us to:

* gain new skills that are not being taught in our medical model of care

* transform with a community of people who get it

* offer feedback so that we can make this a most powerful experience

* inspire others who were once where you are now

Help me make this experience a powerful one full of hope and transformation...

And all at a ridiculously low price (price goes up next time I offer this experience)

Chaos To calm Foundational experience (Beta)


(Next time the price goes up to $197)

  • 9 optional live group sessions with your coach or mentor
  • Workbook to enhance your growth
  • Access to our amazing Cwtch 'Growth' community
  • Daily email detailing practice for the day
  • One time payment
  • Compare to other similar courses priced at $597!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered?

The Chaos To Calm Primer is delivered through an online platform accessible through the internet. Three times weekly you are invited to an optional live session on Zoom for 35 - 40 mins on a live facilitated call where you will learn + practice + connect with others + share. Many of the sessions offer breakout rooms to connect with others. You will also receive emails from us too detailing your daily practice (great if you cannot make the live sessions).

I've tried everything. How will this program actually help me?

Scans, prodedures, pills, physiotherapy...you've tried them all. If you've never been taught the fundamentals of pain nor been taught the skills to regulate your nervous system to move out of survival mode and feel safe in your body, then all the other treatments feel less effective. In the Chaos To Calm Primer is the place to start to understand your nervous system states and how to move through them with flexibility and resourcing. Because pills don't teach skills. (we are not against medications we just focus on the skills part).

Will I be able to rid myself of the pain with this program?

I wish I could give you a resounding 'yes' here but that would be unfair.  The never ending search for 'ridding' ourselves of the pain becomes frustrating and pain inducing. It is our mission to teach you the skills to bring the pain down enough so that the pain is just a white noise in the background. Improvement looks different for everyone.  I can confidently say this... if you are willing to do the work, you will learn a whole lot about yourself and your pain as you work towards less 'warring' with the pain and more contentment. This course has been designed to help get you unstuck and move safely through the different states of our nervous system. It is the beginning of so much more.

Why 21 days?

For our brain and nervous system to learn a new skill and for that skill to actually stick, we need to offer it first, a safe space, and secondly, repetition. Couple this with group work and we have a powerful, results based formula for shifting out of fight/flight or freeze into a state of safety and connection. It is the best way I know how to truly make an impact.

How often will you run this course?

I will be running this course a minimum of 4 times per year (just like the number of seasons we have here in Canada). As this is an immersive experience, it takes a lot of energy and time to run. If you cannot make the Chaos To Calm Primer experience now, no worries! We will be running it again...but not at this price. Price will go up significantly next time around.

What does a coach actually do to help me with my pain?

One of the worlds leading pain researcher states repeatedly that a pain coach should be a part of your recovery. Why? Because when it comes to improving life with pain, changing behaviours and changing neural pathways changes pain.  Coaches are architects of pain education and of change. Click here to see what a pain coach actually does.

What if my pain won't allow me to keep up with the content?

There will definitely be days where your pain will prevent you from wanting to participate, especially if this is a pattern you have lived with for some time (i.e. your brain has gotten really good at telling you 'don't do that'). I highly encourage you to show up to do the live sessions regardless of the pain as each session has been designed to help you calm the pain, calm the overactive nervous system with know how and confidence.

Part of the work in regulating your nervous system also relies on connecting with others so it is important to commit to showing up to the live calls too. Recordings will be available for those who cannot make the live sessions and you will be emailed a daily resourcing practice as well.


What is the difference between the 'Chaos To Calm Primer' experience and the 'Change pain Academy' membership?

The Chaos To Calm Primer Experience is the best place to begin your path to improving life with pain. Here we begin with getting to know your nervous system and as a result, learn to regulate it. This is vital because a nervous system that feels safe and connected and out of fight or flight is a nervous system that will allow for better outcomes in recovery. It is an impactful and cost effective way to begin your path to improving life with pain.

When your nervous system becomes more regulated then you can move on to The Change Pain Academy to take your skill sets to a whole new level. This membership offers more content, expanded work with the nervous system, support and coaching through a whole new set of skills and strategies.

It seems you're offering a lot for $97 How can you afford to do that?

Truth is, I can't

This one time price is less than what I usually charge per hour for my coaching services...and you get 9 hours. I have significantly reduced the price so that I can get people in the doors to try this program out for the first time. In the trauma world, similar courses are offered from $597! Next time we run the program the price will have to go up. For now, if we all pay a little, I can add huge value to help you as you help me.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

When you join The Chaos To Calm Primer experience you are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If within the first 5 days of fully engaging (attending live sessions) in the Chaos To Calm Foundational course you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

We're confident that you'll find The Chaos To Calm experience impactful, and we won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 5 days of fully engaging then we'll refund you without any fuss.

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