For Clinicians - Pain 2 Possibilities

Welcome Clinicians

You take care of your chronic pain community in a multitude of ways. 

As we all know, pain education can be complex and time consuming for clinicians and chronic pain warriors alike. 

Perhaps as a clinician you...

  • are feeling frustrated with a lack of progress in your chronic pain patients overall wellbeing?
  • are feeling like there is so much more to explain about pain but there is never enough time?
  • are wishing your patients could become more of their own advocate for improvement through informed decision making?
  • are feeling as though your patients are overwhelmed with all the information that is 'out there' when it comes to their pain care in conjunction with the medication and they could use a little cohesion?
  • are feeling as if a community of like minded people with similar experience would do your patients a world of good?
  • want to offer your patients a sense of continuity and strategy when managing their pain in conjunction with their current treatment plan, so they can enjoy a more vibrant life?


 I am passionate about breaking the overwhelm of pain education into little bite sized pieces to make the science a little more relevant, applicable, manageble for our community.

My name is Deana and I am the head pain coach and chief curator at Pain 2 Possibilities and The Change Pain Academy, an online membership community for those living in chronic pain.

I am 53 years old, mother of 3 awesome teenagers and I have been working as a Certified Wellness Coach and Movement educator for over 27 years. I have been collaborating with persistant pain warriors for 13 years now and I have to say...chronic pain champions are amazing!  Sadly, it is a community that receives little support beyond our clinicians and manual therapists, so it is my mission to start filling in some of those gaps and helping our community to become their own health advocates.  

I studied Physical Health and Education at the University of Toronto and Fitness and Lifestyle Management at George Brown College. I have also completed a pain educators course through the talented Dr. Rachel Zoffness PhD in California. I am a certified Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches & the American College of Sports Medicine and a certified Pilates Instructor with the focus on remedial exercise. 

I also consider myself to be a student to our chronic pain warriors. We aim to be mutually beneficial in our symbiotic relationship of teacher and student. I firmly believe that our CP champions have a whole lot to teach us.

When the roof is leaky and there are a lot of holes to fill to slow the leak, which one do you start with?

  • Understanding pain and where it comes from as well as why pain has a role to play is where it all begins. That includes understanding the Biopsychosocial model and applying it's all of it's principles.
  • Our Success path then takes our community through the fundamental of pain education complete with actionable steps to implement and practice new behaviours. It offers a strategic, cohesive and transformative approach to learning the foundations of building their pain management toolbox and filling in the 'holes'
  • This is all done within a caring, supportive community of people with shared experiences, mentorship from our 'seasoned' members, accountability, and engagement. We love getting our members involved by enlisting their strengths and volunteering inside the community.  

Our Success Path

Why A Success Path?

  • It breaks down the overwhelm of building a pain management toolbox into digestible, bite sized pieces.
  • It offers a clear path forward.
  • It is, at it's core, strategic and purposeful.
  • Transformational. We know we are not going to cure chronic pain but it is our mission to make it more liveable.
  • Building self efficacy and the belief that they are capable through a step by step approach.

Mission Statement:

Our Membership helps those who suffer with chronic pain learn to manage pain beyond the procedures and medications.We provide coaching, support and mentorship as well as teaching advanced self care management techniques so our warriors can regain control and improve their quality of life...all inside an awesome community.

Our community loves bringing in the experts to help our community grow and prosper. We are always looking for contributors! Please reach out if you would like to offer your expertise to our crew. Sign up to our email list for all the latest happenings at Pain 2 Possibilities!