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About Our Cwtch Community

By Warriors, For Warriors

Our Cwtch community is safe space exclusively for those who live with pain. It is the place to be to make meaningful connections, gain support or inspiration, or simply get to know other like minded chronic pain warriors.

We may be biased, but we happen to think our members are amazing with a wide range of skills and expertise...it's what I like to call 'collective potential'!

Get to know others inside our twice monthly facilitated meet ups. You can listen to what our participants are saying about their experience below.

So, if you're feeling isolated and ready to connect with others going through much the same as you, welcome to Cwtch!

Ready To Join?

Here are a few quick tips to get you going as quickly and easily as possible.

  • You can join from mobile, but it's easier to do from desktop if you're able
  • Have your profile picture handy (it's nice to see who we're connecting with)
  • As soon as you fill out the form below, you'll be taken through the community onboarding (verify your email address for our community platform, upload your profile pic, answer a few quick bio questions, and watch the welcome video). Make sure you complete the entire onboarding process.
  • Explore inside our community and start engaging right away with other amazing people living with pain.

What our participants are saying about their experience inside Cwtch

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