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You are about to embark on a powerful journey.

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To help you on your way Pain 2 Possibilities has created the tools to help get you there.

  • Beyond the tools provided you may want to seek the support of family and/or friends, your physician or caregiver of choice and then let's dig deep into your tenacious, strong, courageous self.
  • Take this step by step, read through all of your documents first before you get started so that you will know what lies ahead.
  • Stay organized - keep all of your work in one place, save this URL into your favourites so you can access it easily.
  • Write things down, document how you are feeling, reach out for help when you need it.

In the spirit of keeping things organized and all in one place you will find one more copy of the Inflammation and chronic pain e-book below. Be sure to read this first.

Wishing you much success on your new tenacious, be couragous and stay the course!

And remember...

"The Only Impossible Journey Is The One You Never Begin" (Tony Robbins)

Your Action Kit Awaits!

Reduce Inflammation E-book

You likely already have a copy of this but here is the link in case you wanted to keep it all in one place. Reading the e-book first will give you some great context before you begin your new anti-inflammatory journey.

Anti-Inflammatory Checklist:

Keep this document handy as you will be referring to it regularly. Read through it's contents and then pick a date that you will begin this process. Put it into your calendar, tell those around you or find an accountability buddy...whatever it takes!

Ant-Inflammatory Meal Plan + Grocery List:

Transitioning into a whole foods approach to food is always the best step forward. This meal plan has been designed to fill your day with nutritious meals and snacks all while remaining nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory in nature. Feel free to substitute ingredients if you have any known allergies or intollerance to certain foods. Also, be sure to add some of your favourite foods into the mix once you know if they are anti-inflammatory or not. This is where you will also find your grocery list. Please note: You will see the Meal Plan has another business Logo on it...that is my other small company that I run in tandem.

Meal Preparation Guide:

This handy meal prep guide is the icing on the sugar free, wheat free cake! It is what will help to keep you organized and on top of things. Most importantly it helps to keep the cooking each day down to a minimum. That means that even if your pain dial is high that day, some of the work will be already done. It also means that you can delegate to loved ones (if possible) to help you out with the meal prep.

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