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What You Need To Know About Inflammation & Chronic Pain That Your Doctor Doesn't Have Time To Tell You

“ Our unifying law of pain states: The origin of all pain is inflammation and the inflammatory response."

(Sota Omoigui, MD)

So what does this mean for our chronic pain community?

It means that systemic inflammation needs to be addressed to help mediate our symptoms and in turn, reduce our pain. But what's even more important...

It's within your control. You have the power to change your pain.

What will reducing systemic inflammation do for you?
  • Reduce  your pain
  • Increase  your immune function
  • Increase the ability to repair or overcome damage

To Learn More?
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Reduce Inflammation To Reduce Pain: A quick guide to the most important insights into how systemic inflammation is affecting your pain and what to do about it. Chapters Include:

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  • How to reduce your inflammation
  • Your 'second brain' and inflammation and more!

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