Learning Path - Pain 2 Possibilities

Welcome To

Your Learning Path


New to The Change Pain Academy Neighbourhood? Your first step inside our 'house' known as The Learning Path is an important first step as it helps set you up for success down the road. To get started click here or on the title 'Welcome To Our House'

To print off a copy of The Learning Path click here


Before we even enter into the house of change (I really need to find a better name for that) we spend some time outside on the front porch setting up your foundations. Just like any house, the structure requires a sturdy foundation, for if it is lacking the foundation the walls will start to crack. Start building your foundations here.


The family room is meant just for that...a space for your family to congregate and connect. In this stage we will spend some time growing your chronic pain family and getting to know the platform that is houses the Cwtch community. You can enter this stage here.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and where you spend most of your time (other than sleeping). Here you will start to fill your pantry with the key ingredients to pain education and then craft your metaphorical pain management recipes. It is where we explore the 'secret sauce' or the 'meat and potatoes' of our process. You can enter the 'kitchen' here.


The bedroom is a place of rest, recovery, reflection and rejuevenation. In this stage you will spend some time expanding your pain know-how as you continue to learn and implement all the skills and concepts you are learning. You can enter the bedroom here.


For anyone who has ever known me they know that predictably, I always come back to the bodily functions in my humour, in my curiosity of human biology. I couldn't help myself. But seriously, this is an important step. Now that you are learning so much more about pain and how it impacts your pain experience the bathroom presents an opportunity to discover what we can truly let go of. Enter the bathroom here.


Our next stage takes place inside the Office. Inside your office is where all the information you have learned thus far is stored and ready for you to begin to build your strategies. You can enter the office here.


The Circle Continues

As you know all too well, pain nor the experience of life is never linear. Things happen that may set you off your path. Or sometimes you just need to revisit the information to really bring home the concepts learned inside The Learning path. Your 'house' is here to navigate through anytime you need to circle back.