Meet Barb - Pain 2 Possibilities

Welcome our Cwtch Community Leader & Co-Creator

Barb Thornton

My journey with chronic pain began in 2003.

In the early years, life centered around doctors, tests, medications, physio and surgeries. My world consisted of pain, waiting and uncertainty while raising a family and caring for an ill parent. The career I worked so hard for slipped through my fingers. Depression took hold.

To get me through, I focused with high hopes on the date of my next appointment with the next doctor who would have the answer, fix me and make the pain stop. It would build to a crescendo but before the grand finale that reveals the answers and the fix, the curtains fell and the lights went out every single time.  Sadly, my story is not unique to the chronic pain community.

It didn’t take long to realize that life with chronic pain is so much more than pain. Chronic pain invades every aspect of your life. It is isolation, frustration, depression, grief, humiliation, shame, judgement, confusion and disappointments. It steals jobs, partners, friends and finances. It quietly steals your energy, motivation and self-worth. It is pleading your case for disability income, parking passes and extra red tape when you need to borrow money. It is wanting to participate in life and having no idea how you can or who can tell you.

Chronic pain is lonely.

I remember wondering how many others were as confused, scared, lonely and overwhelmed as I was. Wondering who I could ask (that gets it) for suggestions to help make my life fuller, richer, and more in line with what I want from life. I needed purpose in my life. I needed sound advice from someone walking the same path.
And so Cwtch (pronounced kutch) was born.

I am excited to bring my passion to life as part of The Chronic Pain Academy. Cwtch is the place to connect with others who get it and to grow your life into a life you love. It is a safe place learn and even have some fun. It is by warriors for warriors. 

I will be forever grateful to Deana, Pain 2 Possibilities and The Chronic Pain Academy for her incredible work and dedication to the chronic pain community. I am excited to see Cwtch come to life and to be part of building a truly meaningful experience to those who, like me, live with chronic pain. 

Wishing you a low pain day and sending gentle hugs. Come find your Cwtch with me.