Pain Explained - Pain 2 Possibilities

Missing an important piece of the pain puzzle?

Have you been asking yourself...

  • why are the pain medications not working for me?
  • why does my pain get worse when I am under stress?
  • why do I feel like my doctor is telling me that the pain 'is all in my head'?
  • why does my doctor tell me that there is nothing wrong or there is nothing showing up in the imaging but I still feel pain?
  • why is it that when I see or discuss the imaging that my pain goes up?
  • Why does pain make me feel more anxious?
  • what does it mean when my doctor says that my nervous system is over reacting and how does that affect my pain?

So many questions.

So many gaps to fill. 


Because pain is complicated!

In this Free Pain Explained Workshop We Will:

Learn how pain protects and promotes healing

Do a surface dive into the science of pain and how the body and brain work together

Learn how everything matters when it comes to chronic pain


Pain Explained Workshop

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