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Next Steps:


Cwtch is the heart of our community. It is a safe space in which to engage with others inside The Change Pain Academy. To get started, go here and you will be taken step by step through the set up. This link will only get you started. Once your bio is set up in the community you can use the button titled 'Cwtch' on your dashboard to enter the community.


Take a tour of the Academy and get familiar with where everything is. You can view the video here. This video you will also find within your Academy Dashboard to view whenever you need a refresher.


All of our live sessions and workshops are typically recorded for you to watch if you are unable to attend live event. We do encourage you to come to the live session, if possible to help address any burning questions you may have. To see the next live session dates simply click here.


Your Academy Dashboard is where you will find all of your content such as 'The Learning Path', the 'Library', a calendar of upcoming events, latest editions of our podcast and so much more! It's you 'Hub' to all things inside the Academy. You can take a look around here. This is an opportunity just to explore and see what's available.


This is where the journey really begins. This is the place where you will start diving into the step by step process of changing your pain experience. Although it will be really tempting to jump ahead to try and fast track your experience I highly recommending taking this step by step. The Learning Path is a process and has been created as such. Start at number 1, the very beginning as we welcome you into the experience here.

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