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Welcome To

The Willow Tree

Chronic Pain & Trauma 

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Here's What You Need To Do Next

  • Check your email inbox for important details of the summit and the links to the summit dashboard. If you do not see it in your inbox be sure to look inside your junk mail too (sometimes it finds its way there). If you still don't see the email or if you have any questions reach out to met at info@pain2possibilities.com.
  • Hop into our pop up Facebook group HERE to keep the discussion going.
  • Save the dates so you don't miss a thing as we have some amazing presenters lined up! If you happen to miss a session that's ok because you have access to all the recordings for life!
  • Save the date for our special live Q & A session for VIP Pass holders on Monday April 3rd, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST (not sure what time that is in your corner of the globe you can calculate it HERE). If you miss it...no worries as you will have access to the full recording as well inside your dashboard.
  • While you wait for our summit to begin you can listen in to more great content with The Chronic Pain Experience Podcast HERE.

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